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Being A Celebrant

My name is Genevieve Stout I am a marriage celebrant based in Geelong but service all parts of Victoria.

I believe your dream wedding can be on a mountain top, in a beautiful garden, on a beach or a country property, in your own home or anywhere that has special meaning and significance.

As a child I always wanted to be a famous singer. Isn't that every child's dream?

The reality is:

Due to spending most of my misspent youth outside the school door for poor behavior I had no idea about music.

As a matter of fact I was asked to leave the music class after I wrote in an exam a crotchet was a needle with a hook on it used to crochet blankets, doylies etc.

However it became apparent as I grew older I loved to write and I was always an ideas person. So much so, I started my own promotion company and worked for many years writing promotions, hosting fashion shows, spruiking at shopping centres, home shows and markets, all of which I believe was a foundation for my love of events such as weddings.

In the back of my mind the idea of being a celebrant appealed to me and on numerous occasions others suggested I would be ideally suited.

Finally I conceded and became a celebrant and quickly realized it was in my dream job.

I now have the opportunity to share in a couple’s vision for their wedding and help bring it to reality.

I believe weddings are what dreams are made of, and planning a wedding will put couples in touch with some of the most exhilarating emotions resulting in one of the most exciting times of their life.

I love helping couples to construct a ceremony that captures the passion and the personalities of two people very much in love.

As a celebrant I belong to the bigger picture of a couples wedding

The ability to work with photographers, videographers, wedding planners, venues and florists is imperative to the success of any wedding ceremony.

Each person is equally important and has a role to fulfil.

I don’t believe there is a typical ceremony.

Out of the many weddings I have officiated at I have yet to see the same wedding twice. Yes sure the formats are similar but the bride and groom, the stories, the readings, the vows and the additional ceremonies are all the elements that are indicative to that particular couple and create a unique atmosphere for every individual wedding ceremony.

Not one wedding stands out as a favourite because every couple visualizes what they want to achieve as their dream wedding, my job is to grasp that vision and help them make it a reality

Meeting a couple for the first time, seeing the excitement in their eyes, signing their official paperwork, listening to their ideas, is the start of their wedding journey and from that moment on I am connected to their dream.

As a celebrant, I gauge my success on the love, laughter and happiness of every bride and groom I marry, and the more exuberance I see, I feel success in helping to fulfil their dream of the perfect wedding ceremony.

If I had any advice to share on the success of the journey I would say:

This is a wonderful time for you both as a couple. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful experience.

Genevieve Stout

Mobile 0400 647 771



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